This mobile unit can support large incidents with high-speed connectivity anywhere! Powered by ViaSat Pro 2 VSAT, Dual Modem LTE modems system, and Verizon Micro Cell Tower system, this wireless networking system can cover miles.  The Rapid Response COLT is equipped with 4 VoIP phone lines and AirFiber Gigabit long haul wireless links that can link up to 60 miles and deliver high speed network backhaul to multiple locations. 


When your network connectivity, internet access, phone service dial tone is lost due to either weather or other unfortunate circumstances, the COLT can get you reconnected so you can get business done in any condition.  


  • ViaSat Pro 2 VSAT

  • Dual Modem LTE modems system

  • Micro Cell Tower system

  • Wireless Networking system

  • Long-haul wireless links up to 60 miles and deliver high-speed network backhaul or serve multiple locations

  • Includes High Capacity Femtocell (Mini C.O.W.) that can handle 70 concurrent phone calls with up to 250 registered users all ported through  the VSAT terminal

  • Setup < approximately 15 minutes

  • Weather Conditions: ALL

  • TacSat personnel are highly trained in the field of Hastily Formed Networks, Mesh Networking and 4G LTE / SATCOM connectivity

  • All technicians have substantial backgrounds in the emergency services and have worked many large scale type-1 incidents:  technicians have been certified in ICS 100,200,300,400,700,800 and many are state all risk COM-L's,COM-T and MCC-T (Mobile Command Center) Technicians

  • All are trained and experienced on the latest in technology that TacSat Networks provides

  • Our team will work closely with your COM-L reporting network traffic loads, number of users, backhaul data usage and monitor user data usage

  • The team has the ability to identify users and report any unauthorized web social network activity or unauthorized streaming

  • At the COM-L's request we can deploy a Personnel Guest Wireless network isolated from the command network and will insure security and the efficiency of the main command network

  • TacSat Networks IT Support Task Force is available for pre-response contracts or agreements for all risk agencies local, state, federal or private operations to support disasters, wildland fires, or other emergencies, in addition private events or corporate remote operations

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